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Five years of EACH (European Association for Communication in Healthcare).

Dulmen, S. van, Finset, A., Langewitz, W., Zimmermann, C., Peltenburg, M., Visser, A., Bensing, J. Five years of EACH (European Association for Communication in Healthcare). Patient Education and Counseling: 2006, 62(3), 379-384
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Five years after launching EACH (European Association for Communication in Healthcare) we look back at what EACH achieved so far and announce new ideas and activities EACH plans to carry out in the near future. During the past five years several scientific, educational as well as societal changes have taken place in the area of communication in healthcare that all underline the need for continued international collaboration in line with the activities employed by EACH so far. Within communication research the focus has shifted from counting communication utterances to unraveling sequences of patient cues and provider responses. In the field of teaching it is becoming more and more common to attend to the training of trainers as well. Within these developments, new areas of interest arise and need attention. To comply with these increasing demands, EACH invites new persons to become a member of one of the recently launched committees in the area of research, teaching and publishing. (aut.ref.)