Introducing a nursing guideline on depression in dementia: a multiple case study on influencing factors.

Verkaik, R., Francke, A.L., Meijel, B. van, Ouwerkerk, J., Ribbe, M.W., Bensing, J.M. Introducing a nursing guideline on depression in dementia: a multiple case study on influencing factors. International Journal of Nursing Studies: 2011, 48(9), 1129-1139
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Background: Successfully introducing care innovations depends on the type of care setting, the intervention and specific circumstances. In this study the factors influencing the introduction of an evidence based nursing guideline on depression in psychogeriatric nursing home residents were studied. Methods: A mixed methods multiple case study design was used. The cases consisted of nine psychogeriatric wards participating in the intervention group of a controlled clinical trial. Eight types of data source (qualitative and quantitative) were used in the analyses. Triangulation of researchers, data and methods took place. Factors were categorized according to their organizational level: nursing home management (level 1), nursing team (level 2), CNAs (level 3), and residents (level 4). Results: Factors influencing guideline introduction were mainly found at the levels of the nursing home management and the nursing team. Most factors concern stability of the organization and team (e.g. the inhibiting effects of reorganizations and other innovations), motivation (e.g. the facilitating presence of an opinion leader) and compatibility with current practice and vision (e.g. a facilitating emotion-oriented care vision). Factors influencing a successful application of the guideline are mainly found at CNA and resident level. At CNA level most factors relate to an emotion-oriented care vision (e.g. having a warm and creative personality). At resident level inhibiting factors mainly concern the residents’ health status (e.g. feeling sick and/or having much pain). Important facilitating factors are positive attitudes of relatives and observing a reduction of depression severity. Conclusions: Special facilitating factors for the guideline introduction and application seem to be the presence of a local opinion leader and the positive attitudes of relatives. Together they can motivate a nursing team in using the guideline. After a successful introduction of the guideline it's important to focus on its consolidation in daily practice.(aut. ref.)