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The National Immunisation Programme in the Netherlands : surveillance and developments in 2017-2018.

Abraham, D., Baboe-Kalpoe, S., Benschop, K., Benthem, B. van, Berbers, G.A.M., Binnendijk, R. van, Blommers, C., Bodewes, R., Boer, P.T. de, Boogaard, J. van den, Bogaards, J.A., Bosch, T., Brinkman, I., Bruijning-Verhagen, P., Buisman, A., Cremer, J., Duizer, E., Els, C.A.C.M. van, Ende, A. van der, Friesema, I.H.M., Gier, B. de, Heiningen, F. van, Hoek, W. van der, Hoes, J., Hooiveld, M., Hubert, J., Hulshof, K., Janga-Jansen, A., Kaaijk, P., Kassteele, J. van de, Kasteren, P.B. van, Kemmeren, J.M., Kerkhof, H. van den, King, A.J., Klis, F.R.M. van der, Knol, M.J., Kuit, A. van de, Kuppenvelt, M., Lier, E.A. van, Luytjes, W., Maas, N.A.T. van der, Maduro, E., Mangen, M.J.J., McDonald, S.A., Meijer, A., Melker, H.E. de, Mollema, L., Nielen, M., Nottermans, D.W., Pasmans, H., Pinelli, E., Qendri, V., Reubsaet, F.A.G., Reukers, D., Romijnders, K., Rooyer, F., Rots, N.Y., Ruijs, W.L.M., Schurink-van 't Klooster, T.M., Sitalsing, A., Slobbe, J. van, Suijkerbuijk, A.W.M., Teirlinck, A.C., Tuin, M., Veldhuizen, I.K., Vennema, H., Verberk, J.D.M., Visser, M., Vos, R.A., Wijhe, M. van, Wijsman, M., Woestenberg, P.J., Woudenberg, T., Zoonen, K. van. The National Immunisation Programme in the Netherlands : surveillance and developments in 2017-2018. Bilthoven: RIVM, 2018. 267 p.
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In 2017, about 760,000 children aged 0 to 19 years received a total of 2,140,000 vaccinations within the National Immunisation Programme (NIP). Participation in the NIP was high among children under 10 years of age, despite the drop by around 2-3% for most vaccinations since 2014. An exception in the high participation is the number of girls who was vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV), which has declined by 15% since 2016. The number of reports (1,383) of possible adverse events following immunisation in 2017 was lower than the number of reports in
2016 (1,483).

NIP target diseases
There is an ongoing increase in the number of cases with meningococcal serogroup W (MenW) disease with 80 cases reported in 2017 and 78 up to August 2018. Because of this increase, since May 2018, the MenC vaccination given at 14 months of age has been replaced by a quadrivalent MenACWY vaccination. The case fatality of MenW disease (17%) was substantially higher than for other serogroups.

In 2017, the number of measles cases was low (16 reported cases) but higher than in the previous two years. The number of pertussis reports in 2017 was comparable with 2016 (28.7 compared with 32.6 per 10,000). Three people died from pertussis, one infant and two elderly. The number of reports of acute hepatitis B infections stayed stable (0.7 per 100,000 population). Also, the incidence of vaccine type invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) remained
very low in 2017/2018. Once again, the number of reported cases were in 2017 low for mumps (46), Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib; 46), meningococcal serogroep C (MenC; 9), diphtheria (4), tetanus (1), rubella (0) and polio (0).
The inhabitants of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba are predominantly well protected against NIP diseases. However, protection against measles and diphtheria is suboptimal for some age groups. Awareness is needed to prevent these diseases from spreading from neighboring countries, where outbreaks currently are observed.

New advice and decisions
In July 2018, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports decided to expand the MenACWY vaccination outbreak programme to 13-14 year olds. In 2019, there will be a catch up campaign for all 15-18 year olds. Furthermore, it was decided that vaccination against disease caused by rotavirus will be included in the NIP for risk groups, and that maternal pertussis vaccination in the NIP will be organised by youth health care organisations.
The Dutch Health Council advises to offer vaccination against pneumococcal disease to the people 60 years and older. (aut. ref.)