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Pijnacker, R., Lier, E.A. van, Vennema, H., Hooiveld, M., Melker, H.E. de. Rotavirus. In: AJ.M. Pluijmaekers, H.E. de Melker. The National Immunisation Programme in the Netherlands, surveillance and developments in 2021-2022. Bilthoven: RIVM. p. 5.
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Key points
- Rotavirus circulation in 2021 had a remarkable seasonal pattern, with a low number of rotavirus detections during the usual rotavirus season in the first half of the year. This was probably due to COVID-19 control measures. In October 2021, however, an increase in rotavirus detections was observed, marking an early start of the 2022 rotavirus season.
- The 2022 rotavirus season, which already started at the end of 2021, peaked in March, after which the number of laboratory rotavirus detections started decreasing.
- G9P8 was the most prevalent genotype in 2021, although a shift towards G3P8 was observed at the end of the year.
- The State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sport decided on September 20th, 2022, that universal rotavirus vaccination would be added to the Dutch NIP from 2024 onwards.