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Waarnemers in beeld: diversiteit onder waarnemende huisartsen.

Hassel, D. van, Batenburg, R. Waarnemers in beeld: diversiteit onder waarnemende huisartsen. TSG: Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidswetenschappen: 2014, 92(5), p. 203-208.
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Diversity among GP locums.General practitioner (GP) locums are playing a pivotal role in sustaining flexibility on the Dutch labor market of GPs. In recent years their numbers have increased significantly. This group is hard to monitor as they have a dynamic career pattern. A survey among GP locums was conducted, which made it possible to analyze their working week, motives and career preferences. Our results show that flexibility and financial motives are major reasons for working as a GP locum. GP locums work approximately 28,9 hours a week. Men work more hours and had more different employers in the previous year than women. Compared to recently trained GPs, experienced GPs seem to prefer a more structural employment as a GP locum. A considerable part of experienced GPs have chosen to work as a GP locum for re-registration as a GP, while flexibility is the main motive for recently trained GPs. This study revealed that GP locums form different subgroups by specific characteristics, particularly concerning their activities and motives. This conclusion is significant for manpower planning of GPs and the Dutch association for locum and salaried GPs. (aut.ref.)