Dossiers: clustered information on a broad subject

The dossiers we present contain the clustered information on a range of international projects we conduct(ed) on a specific subject.

Content – Dossiers: clustered information on a broad subject

By clustering and positioning all relevant information in an overview, we provide more meaning and significance to the subject presented. 

Dossier COVID-19Dossier COVID-19

Until March 2021, we mainly monitored the SARS-CoV-2 and it’s direct consequences on individuals as well as society. From March 2021 onwards, we focussed in particular on the long(er) term consequences of COVID-19, both physical and psychosocial. We present to you our research projects on both subjects.

Dossier Epidemiology of Respiratory VirusesDossier Epidemiology of Respiratory Viruses

The dossier Epidemiology of Respiratory Viruses consist of several research sections, which contain number of the ongoing projects mentioned below and various publications.


What can Nivel do for you?What can Nivel do for you?

For more information about Nivel as a partner in health services research, please feel free to contact Jeroen Hasselaar, head of the research unit Primary Care and of the unit Support International Research. He looks forward to getting in touch with you!


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