Senior researcher at Nivel (2022–present)
Epidemiologist/scientific advisor at OLVG Hospital, Amsterdam (2018-2022)
Postdoc at Burnet Institute, Melbourne Australia (2017-2018)
Postdoc at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (2016-2017)
Datamanager for HELIUS study, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (2015-2016)
PhD candidate at Public Health Service of Amsterdam / Academic Medical Center (2011-2016)
Certified epidemiologist (B level) by the Foundation for training as medical-biological scientific researcher (SMBWO; 2018)
PhD University of Amsterdam. Thesis: Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection (2016)
MSc in Infectious Diseases & Public Health. VU University, the Netherlands (2009)
MSc in Metabolism & Nutrition. Maastricht University, the Netherlands (2008)
Memberships/external committees
Member of the Netherlands Epidemiology Society