February 2024

Disease burden of RSV infections among older adults in primary care in the Netherlands

Duration: feb 2024 - feb 2025


The burden of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)-associated acute respiratory infection (ARI) among older adults (≥50 years), especially in primary care, is not well studied, but could be substantial. Producing high quality estimates of RSV-associated ARI incidence in primary care is particularly challenging because of the symptoms RSV-ARI shares with other infections like e.g. influenza and COVID-19, and testing for RSV (or other pathogens) is not standard practice in general practice care. Potent vaccines and/or monoclonal antibodies for both children as well as older adults are available or expected to become available in the coming years. To establish the population that might benefit most from these new prophylactic immunization strategies, it is important to collect information on the incidence of RSV-associated health care visits in the Netherlands. 


Our aim is to produce RSV-associated incidence estimates among older adults ≥ 50 years of age in primary care in the Netherlands.


We will use data of general practices from both the Nivel Primary Care Database as well as data from the virological surveillance from the RIVM. 

Expected result

The results will be presented in a factsheet, report, scientific article, and at a conference. The results will be presented in the Netherlands as well as international. The RSV incidence estimates may inform policy makers supporting decision-making about the introduction of future prophylactic immunization programs. Also, the methods established for this incidence estimation may inform future studies concerning RSV or other respiratory viral infections in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

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