Research program Learning Health System

Program coordination by Nivel expert professor Robert Verheij, PhD

Robert VerheijThe sustainability of our healthcare system requires choices to be made, both in the consulting room and in policy. In order to map the functioning of our current healthcare system, we analyse data produced by the healthcare system itself: declaration data, electronic patient records and patient self-measurements. But using these data raises questions about their legal access and their usability.

We focus on data collection and data learning as an integral part of the healthcare process. We focus on various healthcare sectors, such as emergency care, general practitioner care, medical-specialist care and care in the social domain, since changes and choices in policy often transcend sectors.

Points of focus 2022-2024Points of focus 2022-2024

  • Developing methods to identify ‘patient journeys’ in treatment process.
  • Promoting the quality of our registrations, in order stimulate the use of them for research .
  • Promoting the process of ‘learning from data’ by care providers.
  • Advising policy makers in interpreting the data at their disposal.
  • Participating in (inter)national research on healthcare data and the use of them for research.

Our publications or our projectsOur publications or our projects

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