Panel of People with Lung Disease

With the Panel of People with Lung Disease information is gathered about the care and living situation of people with a chronic lung disease in the Netherlands, from the perspective of the patients themselves.

One of Nivel's national panels

Nivel's Panel of People with Lung Disease is part of Nivel's research infrastructure, which consists of panels, national databases and monitors. With this research infrastructure, Nivel provides relevant information from different perspectives: that of patients, clients and citizens, that of healthcare providers and that of the organisation of healthcare.


In gathering information about the care and living situation of people with a chronic lung disease from the perspective of patients themselves, we aim to support policy makers in improving the care for these patients. The panel started in 2001, so we have about 20 years of data that are used and can be used for research, policy development and evaluation.

Panel membersPanel members

The panel of People with Lung Disease form a select group of the panel members who participate in het the National Panel of people with Chronic illness or Disability’ (NPCD) whitch cansists of about 1,200 members. These panel members are persons with a medical diagnosis of Asthma, COPD or other, rare chronic lung disease.

Methodology: questionnairesMethodology: questionnaires

All panel members receive, besides the two yearly questionnaires of the NPCD, one questionnaire each year about topics that are especially relevant for people with a lung disease, such as:

  • smoking
  • air quality, at home and in the public environment
  • use of inhalers
  • experiences with lung care

Privacy protection

We value the privacy of people and organizations that participate in our registrations. For the Panel of People with Lung Disease we use the Privacy Regulations for the National Panel of the Chronically ill and Disabled (NPCD) (in Dutch), because all the panel members are also members of the NPCD. In this privacy statement we state what data we collect, how we manage it, what data we may provide to third parties and what the rights of the registered participants are. Hereby we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that took effect in EU in 2018:

  • Researchers have no access to identifiable data of participants (e.g. name, address, citizen service number).
  • Research results cannot be traced back to individual persons, healthcare providers or organisations.
  • Participating healthcare providers may withdraw from Nivel's registrations at any time, without stating reasons.


Results of research with the panel you can find at Publications on this website, where you can fill in your own search entrance (such as 'lung disease').


The Panel of People with Lung Disease is financed by the Dutch Lung Foundation.

What can we do for you?What can we do for you?

For more information about the panel and conducting research with the panel, please contact one of the Nivel contacts on the right.
For more information on conducting research together with Nivel in general, go to Nivel, partner in international research.
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