Research program Healthcare System and Governance

Program coordination by Nivel expert professor Judith de Jong, PhD

Prof. Judith de Jong, PhD
One of the biggest challenges individual countries face is the creation of a future-proof healthcare system, a healthcare system that is and remains accessible and also offers high quality care. Throughout the years, we have seen several shifts in focusing and the prioritising the values that are central to this process.
Within this research program we provide insights into the functioning of the healthcare system in practice. Only with these insights the appropriate adjustments can be made where and when necessary.


Doel Points of focus 2022–2024

  • The role of health insurers, policyholders and patients in the functioning of the healthcare system.
  • The affordability of healthcare.
  • Market forces and joint ventures in the healthcare sector.
  • Monitoring and evaluating healthcare policy measurements.
  • Studying the variety of healthcare provision in practice to gain knowledge about possible improvements.

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