Review of evidence to tackle underresearched high-burden medical conditions: a scoping study

Duration: Mar - Oct 2022

Background and aims
1. We have been tasked to determine how underresearched medical conditions are best defined, including by reflecting on how other research funding organisations define them. In doing so we can approach the impact such conditions have on individuals, society and healthcare systems.
2. Furthermore we have been asked to analyse the research and innovation initiatives undertaken over the last five years to address these understudied conditions in Europe and beyond. And to define the type of research and/or research priorities necessary to better address their different needs. This includes the minimal research requirements needed to make a real impact (by engaging with different types of associations and/or umbrella organisations of stakeholders).

These research questions are answered through a stakeholder analysis, literature review and survey among European Commission expert groups.

Findings will be described in a discussion paper.
European Commission (single Framework Contract)
Project partners
European Commission expert groups