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'Gezamenlijk Medisch Consult': samen naar de dokter. Ervaringen van patiënten en zorgverleners.

Zantinge, E.M., Seesing, F.M., Tol, F.E., Raats, C.J.I., Spreeuwenberg, P.M.M., Dulmen, A.M. van. 'Gezamenlijk Medisch Consult': samen naar de dokter. Ervaringen van patiënten en zorgverleners. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde: 2009, 153(A 828)
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Objective: To examine the characteristics of patients participating in a shared medical appointment (SMA); to what extent SMAs fulfil patients’ needs; to evaluate if patients are better informed after an SMA and how they evaluate meeting other patients at an SMA, and how health professionals experience SMAs. Design: Descriptive. Method: Fourteen multidisciplinary teams participated in the study. The Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO) trained them in how to conduct an SMA. The experiences of patients participating in an SMA were compared with the experiences of patients who visited the doctor individually. Patients completed questionnaires before and after the SMA (n = 83) or the individual visit (n = 158). Results: Patients who participated in an SMA did not differ significantly from the regular patient population in either demographic characteristics or in their experience of health and care uptake. Patients participated in an SMA primarily to share experiences with fellow patients, to learn from others and to obtain more information. Both patients and health professionals (n = 53) reported that patients received more information during an SMA. Patients valued the contact with their fellow patients. SMA offered care givers a different experience and opportunities to learn. Conclusion: For patients and health professionals, SMAs seem indeed to have added value. More research is needed to understand the working mechanism and the long-term effects of participation in SMAs. (aut. ref.)