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Learning communities of community care nurses and lecturers: the exchange of knowledge and skills.

Verkleij, K.A.M., Francke, A.L., Voordouw, I., Sol, B.G.M., Latour, C.H.M., Wallner, C., Baronner, W.M., Jacobs, G., Janssen, B.M., Koopman-van den Berg, D.J.E.M., Bosma, C., Theunissen, J.M.J., Gobbens, R.J.J., Albers, M., Jager, B. de, Keuning, A., Finnema, E.J. Learning communities of community care nurses and lecturers: the exchange of knowledge and skills. Journal of Advanced Nursing: 2016, 72(suppl. 1) 77. Abstract. 5th European Nursing Congress: 'Caring for older people: how can we do the right things right?' 4-7 oktober 2016, Rotterdam.
Due to the aging population and the governmental policy to substitute institutional care with home care, more community care nurses are needed in the Netherlands. In addition, new competences, for instance regarding promoting self-management and multidisciplinary collaboration, are required according to the new national professional profile of nurses. However, several aspects might hinder the education about these competences. Not all lecturers of the nursing schools currently have much experience in home care, and particularly the community care nurses already working in practice do not always have much experience with guiding student nurses in their internships. Therefore, collaboration and exchange between community care nurses and nursing lecturers is needed. Ten learning communities involving lecturers of nursing schools (bachelor level) and community care nurses, spread across the Netherlands, started in 2015 with learning communities to exchange knowledge and experiences and to enhance the new competences that are required.

The aim of this symposium, organized by evaluators and project leaders involved in the learning communities, is to give an impression of the realization and the activities of the learning communities. For instance, it is discussed how learning communities promote new competences and leadership roles of community care nurses.