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Nocturia in the Dutch adult population.

Dijk, L. van, Kooij, D.G., Schellevis, F.G. Nocturia in the Dutch adult population. British Journal of Urology International: 2002, 90(7), 644-648
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Objective: To estimate the prevalence of nocturia in the Dutch adult population, its association with sociodemographic and health characteristics, and to assess problems experienced by persons with nocturia. Subjects and Methods: In spring 2001 a telephone survey was conducted among a representative sample of 4721 Dutch respondents (response 53%). Using questions from the Bristol Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms questionnaire respondents were asked about sociodemographic and health characteristics. Results: The prevalence of nocturia (a mean of twice or more/night) among Dutch men and women over 18 years old was 13%, standardized for age and sex. Women had nocturia more often than men (16% vs 9%) and the prevalence was positively associated with age, poor health status and use of medication. Conclusion: The prevalence of nocturia in Dutch men and women differs more than reported in earlier studies. The prevalence in the Netherlands seems slightly higher than in other Western countries, but Dutch persons with nocturia report fewer problems. Nocturia does not occur in isolation and is associated with sleep disturbances. It is worthwhile for general practitioners to routinely check whether patients who contact them for lower urinary tract symptoms or sleeping disorders have nocturia. (aut.ref.)