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Patiëntveiligheid verbeteren met spiegelinformatie.

Kager, C., Schäfer, W., Hek, K., Heins, M., Wagner, C., Korevaar, J. Patiëntveiligheid verbeteren met spiegelinformatie. Huisarts en Wetenschap: 2023, 66(3)
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Audit and feedback can help improve patient safety in general practice. We chose six indicators of patient safety and evaluated outcomes using the NIVEL Primary Care Database.

Descriptive statistics were used to analyse, by indicator, data from the electronic medical records of patients from 346 general practices.

Data for 1,060,618 registered patients in 2019 were analysed. Overall, 66–94% of patients aged 65 years and older had data on creatinine clearance. Between 0% and 22% of patients with a creatinine clearance lower that 60 mL/min had been prescribed an NSAID or high-dose salicylic acid, 0–41% of patients with heart failure had been prescribed an NSAID one or more times, and 1–21% (mean 11%) of patients had been prescribed a gastric acid inhibitor for longer than 1 month. Lastly, 0–24% of patients older than 75 years had been prescribed a benzodiazepine.

We found considerable variation in patient safety indicators between the practices. These indicators are a good and easy to use way to improve patient safety in general practice.