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Femke van Schelven, PhD
Researcher (postdoc) Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled


Within the research program Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled I mainly focus on young people. I study what young people with a chronic condition find important and what they need in their development towards adulthood. Important themes are, for example, school, work, relationships and fulfilling a meaningful role in society.

Young people themselves know best what is going on in their lives. It is therefore important that they have a say in research that concerns them. We encourage this by applying creative and visual methods and by working with them in different phases of our research. This facilitates a better connection between our research and practice and also it is very educational.



2022 - heden: Researcher (postdoc) Young people with a chronic condition
2018 - 2022: Researcher (PhD candidate), Nivel
2017 – 2018: Researcher at I&O Research (team Work, Care and Youth), Amsterdam
2016 – 2017: Researcher at I&O Research (team Population & Policy), Amsterdam
2016: Research intern at Dienst Gezondheid & Jeugd, Municipal Health Services Zuid-Holland Zuid
2018 - 2022: PhD on Patient participation of young people with a chronic condition, Maastricht University
2015 - 2016: Master Youth Studies, Utrecht Utrecht
2012 - 2015: Bachelor Health & Society, Wageningen University