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Madelon Kroneman, PhD
Senior researcher Healthcare System and Governance


My main interest concerns the organisation of health care systems. Looking over the borders of your own systems makes you more alert to the situation in your own country. My research addresses various subjects, such as influenza, hospital care, financing of health care, and evaluation of the Dutch health system. I am the editor of the Dutch page of the Health Services and Policy Monitor (HSPM). This Monitor describes health care system and publishes reforms and updates of the Netherlands and 27 other countries in a systematic way for international readers.

Looking into the differences of health systems
I like to search information, via the literature, in international databases of on the Internet in order to give a clear description of the health system of a country and to compare countries. Although examples from other countries often cannot be transferred to the Dutch situation, it does provided ideas that may be adapted to suite the Dutch situation. Furthermore, I am an expert in the organisation of the Dutch health system and the changes over the years.



2010 - present: Senior Researcher Health Care Systems and Organization, focus on national and international organization of the healthcare system
2001 - 2009: (Senior) Researcher and Scientific assistant of the Director, with a focus on international comparative research
1993 - 2001: Researcher Nivel with a focus on international comparative research
1993 - 1995: Researcher, dept. of Sociology Utrecht University
1989 - 1993: Staff member of the ICT department of Nationale Nederlanden
1988 - 1989: Researcher at department of Home Economics at Wageningen University
2001: PhD, Utrecht University, Sociology
1988: MSc, Wageningen University (cum laude), Home Economics
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Health Systems and Policy Monitor (HSPM-network) (
European Reference Network of Neuromuscular Diseases