January 2023

Transforming Healthcare and Care Systems (THCS)

Duration: Jan 2023 - Dec 2029


The rapidly changing and ageing society and the occurrence of health emergencies are urging countries to efficiently respond to increasing burdens on their health and care systems, and deliver on their common commitment to high-quality health and care services. Furthermore, our systems share challenges that require harmonised and coordinated solutions, devised through a process that allows all stakeholders involved in health and care systems to design, research and implement such issues in a timely manner.


The general objective of the European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) is to contribute to the transition towards more sustainable health and care systems, which are more efficient, resilient, inclusive, innovative, high-quality people-centred and equally accessible to all people. The idea is to catalyse such transformation by building an open and supporting Partnership where all akeholders can work together to stimulate and nurture R&I activities.

Specific objectives

  1. Increase funding opportunities and strengthen the research and innovation community.
  2. Fill knowledge gaps.
  3. Increase the ability to implement innovation.
  4. Intensify cooperation among countries and beyond healthcare.
  5. Increase stakeholder involvement and capacity building.


These objectives, through a series of specific activities, will seek to deliver clear outcomes. They include:

  • increased engagement of researchers in collaborative research
  • use of research results to develop evidence-based strategies
  • implementation of innovative care delivery methods
  • planning and implementation of efficient investments for novel solutions and models
  • stronger ecosystems and boosted uptake of innovation
  • increased digital and health literacy for citizens and professionals
  • better cooperation and use of knowledge and evidence across countries

Project website: THCS

European Commission (REA)
Project partners
A consortium of 64 partners in 26 countries