Organisational structure

The non-profit foundation 'Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research' (Nivel) is an independent research institute. It has a Supervisory Board. Nivel's internal organisational structure includes management and staff. Take a look at our organisational chart.

At Nivel there are about a hundred and ten scientists involved in conducting research in all kinds of aspects of Dutch healthcare. In addition, there are about sixty professionals working in research-related functions and functions concernong general affairs.

OrganisatieOrganisational chart

Nivel is a foundation. It consists of several units:

  • the Supervisory Board, supervising the way Nivel is lead
  • the Executive Board, consisting of a CEO and a COO/CFO
  • three Research Units, each containing a number of Research Programs
  • several Research Related Units
  • General Affairs, containing several Operational Units

About Nivel’s organisational units:

Supervisory BoardSupervisory Board

The external Supervisory Board supervises the way in which Nivel's Executive Board runs the institute. The Supervisory Board consist of five (external) members:

  • H.J. Smid (Chairman)
Advisor ZonMw, national funding organisation for healthcare research, The Netherlands
  • Prof. A.T.F. (Aartjan) Beekman, PhD
  • H.J. Dannenberg
Chairman DIVOSA, an association for municipal executives in the social domain, The Netherlands
  • G.J.M. van den Maagdenberg, MSc
Board Member of the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Prof. S.E.J.A. de Rooij, PhD
Professor 'Internal medicine, specialized in Geriatric Medicine’, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Executive BoardExecutive Board

Nivel’s Executive Board consists of a CEO and a COO/CFO.

Cordula Wagner Prof. C. (Cordula) Wagner, PhD
CEO, project coordinator Patient Safety
Judith de Jong P.J.J. Baarendse, PhD
COO/CFO; head of General Affairs and its operational units 

Organisatie beleidsorganisatieHeads of Research Units

Nivel features three Research Units, each led by a Head of Research Unit.

Judith de Jong Prof. J.D. (Judith) de Jong, PhD
Head of research unit Organisation and Management in Healthcare
Jeroen Hasselaar Prof. G.J. (Jeroen) Hasselaar, PhD
Head of research unit Primary Care
Jany Rademakers Prof. J.J.D.J.M. (Jany) Rademakers, PhD
Head of research unit Healthcare from the Perspective of Patients, Clients and Citizens; project coordinator Health Literacy and Patient Participation


Nivel's Staff consists of all members of the Executive Board (mentioned above), the by Heads of Research Units (mentioned above) and all Program Coordinators as well as  Program Managers of the various scientific research programs Nivel features:

Ronald Batenburg Prof. R.S. (Ronald) Batenburg, PhD
Coordinator research program Professions in Healthcare and Manpower Planning
Liset van Dijk Prof. L. (Liset) van Dijk, PhD
Coordinator research program Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled
Nanne Bos N. (Nanne) Bos, PhD
Coordinator research program Patient-centered Care
Liset van Dijk Prof. L. (Liset) van Dijk, PhD
Coordinator research programs Pharmaceutical Care and Allied Healthcare
Michel Dückers Prof. M. (Michel) Dückers, PhD
Coordinator research program Disasters and Environmental Hazards
Sandra van Dulmen Prof. A.M. (Sandra) van Dulmen, PhD
Coordinator research program Communication in Healthcare
Anneke Francke Prof. A.L. (Anneke) Francke, PhD
Coordinator research program Nursing Care and Elderly Care
Roland Friele Prof. R.D. (Roland) Friele, PhD
Coordinator research program Impact of Legislation and Oversight in Healthcare
Judith de Jong Prof. J.D. (Judith) de Jong, PhD
Coordinator research program Healthcare System and Governance
Bart Knottnerus B. J. (Bart) Knottnerus, MD, PhD
Coordinator research program General Practice Care
F.F. (Foekje) Stelma, PhD
Coordinator research program Infectious Diseases
Willemijn Meijer

W.M. (Willemijn) Meijer, PhD
Coordinator research program Allied Healthcare

Lucy Overbeek

L.I.H. (Lucy) Overbeek, PhD
Program manager
Nivel Primary Care Database

Lilian van Tuyl L. (Lilian) van Tuyl, PhD, MBA
Coordinator research program Organisation and Quality of Healthcare
Robert Verheij Prof. R.A. (Robert) Verheij, PhD
Coordinator research program Learning Health System

ToezichtResearch units

Nivel’s three research units feature a total of 14 research programs. For each program a heterogeneous team of scientists conduct healthcare research, each in their specific field of competence:

  • In each research team there is a core of senior researchers which can be widely deployed, and a group of (mostly younger) researchers and PhD students engaged in concrete research activities.
  • Each research team is headed by the program coordinator of the research program (see ‘staff’ above).
  • Various scientific researchers of Nivel, experts in their field of research, also hold a chair as professor at a Dutch and/or foreign university. As a result, we are in close contact with the domain of science and we can play a significant role between the domains of science, policy and practice.

TeamResearch related units

At Nivel many professionals are engaged in facilitating and disseminating all Nivels research in an efficient, scientific an appealing way. This is being done in serveral units:

  • Nivel’s Cluster Panel and Survey Research and Cluster Routine Data facilitate the gathering and producing of data information from our panels and registration systems. They make sure the data are safe, up-to-date and reliable.
  • Nivel’s Research Communication Center collaborates with Nivel researchers in communicating about there research in a clear and (more) appealing way, and in disseminating research results in the broadest sense (publications, website and more). Furthermore, by developing and maintaining Nivel's corporate identity, they are focussed on presenting Nivel as a self-aware research institute with a national and international ambition.
  • Nivel's Secretariats deliver all kinds of secretarial support to the research units and boards.

SamenwerkingsverbandGeneral Affairs and its operational units

To ensure the professional organisation of Nivel runs smoothly, within General Affairs a number of Nivel professionals is active in several Operational Units, such as:

  • various Administrative Units
  • Human Resource Management
  • Facility Affairs
  • IT

The head of General Affairs is also engaged as COO/CFO in het executive board of Nivel.

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