Organisation structure

Nivel is a foundation. It has a Supervisory Board. Nivel's internal organizational structure includes management and staff. Take a look at our organizational chart and learn more about the interacting units of Nivel.

OrganisatieOrganisational chart

Nivel is a foundation. It consist of several units:

  • Supervisory Board (dark grey), that supervises the way Nivel is lead.
  • Management Board (light grey), consisting the exective director, the executive secretariat and the permanent staff.
  • Three research departments (dark green), each with a number of research programs (light green) and several research facilitating units (pink).
  • General Affairs (dark blue), that contains several operational units (light blue).


Members of Nivel’s organisational units:

Board of Governors

The external Board of Governors (dark grey) supervises the way in which Nivel's Management Board (light grey) runs the institute.

Prof. E.C. Klasen PhD: Chairman Advisor Executive Board at Leiden University Medical Center
H.J. Dannenberg Chairman of DIVOSA
Prof. A.G. van der Lippe PhD Chair 'Sociology of Households and Employment Relations', Utrecht University
G.J.M. van den Maagdenberg MSc Board member of the Academic Medical Center
Prof. S.E.J.A. de Rooij PhD Chair 'Internal medicine, specialized in Geriatric Medicine’
Management Board

Nivel’s Management Board consists of an executive director (light grey) and the deputy directors. The management team is completed by the heads of the three research departments (dark green).

Prof. C. (Cordula) Wagner PhD Executive director, Project leader Patient Safety
Prof. R.D. (Roland) Friele PhD Deputy director, Head of research department Organisation and Management in Healthcare
W. (Wouter) de Kruijff MSc Deputy director, Head of General Affairs
Prof. J.J.D.J.M. (Jany) Rademakers PhD Head of research department Healthcare from the Perspective of Patients, Clients and Citizens
G.J. (Jeroen) Hasselaar PhD Head of research department Primary Care
Permanent staff

Nivel's permanent staff consists of:

  • the executive director (light grey)
  • two deputy directors
  • the heads of the three research departments (dark green)
  • the heads of the Nivel research programs, all with a PhD degree (in various fields) (light green)
  • the manager International Projects (pink)
Prof. C. (Cordula) Wagner PhD Executive director, Project manager Patient Safety
Prof. R.D. (Roland) Friele PhD Deputy director Research, Head of research departement Organisation and Management in Healthcare
W. (Wouter) de Kruijff MSc Deputy director General Affairs
G.J. (Jeroen) Hasselaar PhD Head of research departement Primary Care
Prof. J.J.D.J.M. (Jany) Rademakers PhD Head of research departement Healthcare from the Perspective of Patients, Clients and Citizens, project leader Health Literacy and Patiënt Participation
Prof. R.S. (Ronald) Batenburg PhD Coordinator research program Professions in Healthcare and Manpower Planning
H. (Hennie) Boeije PhD Coordinator research program Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled
D. (Dolf) de Boer PhD Coordinator research program Patient Centered Care
Prof. L. (Liset) van Dijk, PhD Coordinator research program Pharmaceutical Care
Prof. M. (Michel) Dückers PhD Coordinator research program Disasters and Environmental Hazards
Prof. A.M. (Sandra) van Dulmen PhD Coordinator research program Communication in Healthcare
Prof. A.L. (Anneke) Francke PhD Coordinator research program Nursing Care and Elderly Care
I.S. (Inge) van Houdt PhD Manager International Projects
Prof. J.D. (Judith) de Jong PhD Coordinator research program Healthcare System and Governance
J.C. (Joke) Korevaar PhD Coordinator research program General Practice Care
L. (Lilian) van Tuyl MBA Coordinator research program Organisation and Quality of Healthcare
Prof. R.A. (Robert) Verheij PhD

Coordinator research program Learning Health System

Research units

Nivel’s research units consist of a heterogeneous group of scientific researchers:

  • There is a core of senior researchers who can be widely deployed.
  • There is a large number of researchers and junior researchers, who still have to develop.
  • There are PhD students, who are devoted for a longer period of time - several years - to do research with a high scientific impact.

All researchers are members of one of our research teams, headed by a program coordinator of one of our research programs (see ‘general staff’ above).

Various Nivel employees, often program coördinators, also hold a chair as professor at one (or more) of the Dutch and/or foreign universities. As a result, we are in close contact with science and we can play a pivotal role between science, policy and practice.


Research facilitating units

There are many professionals working at Nivel to make it possible for researchers to do their research in an efficient and scientific way (pink):

  • Cluster Panel and Survey Research and Cluster Routine Data facilitate the data information from our panels and registrations. They make sure the data are safe, up-to-date and reliable.
  • Nivel Research Communication Center takes care of the spread of Nivels research results in the broadest sense (publications, website and more). By developing and maintaining the Nivel corporate identity they make sure that Nivel is know as a self-aware research institute with a national and international ambition.
  • Our secretariats deliver many kinds of secretarial support to the research units.


Operational units

To ensure that the organisation runs smoothly, there are many professionals working in Nivel operational units (blue), such as:

  • various administrative departments
  • HRM
  • Facility Affairs
  • IT

The head of this department is also our adjunct director General Affairs.


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