Horizon Europe - Mission on Cancer: supporting the development and promotion of its mission

Duration: Mar 2020 - Mar 2022

The EU mission against cancer aims to achieve common goals across Europe to improve the prevention, (early) detection, treatment and care of cancer. This should result in better survival chances for cancer patients and a better quality of life for patients, survivors and their next of kin/family. An important secondary objective is to reduce inequality between European countries in the field of (access to) prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care, and research. The EU mission against cancer is led by a mission council, an informal expert group of the European Commission.

- supporting the Mission Council in developing the mission proposal on improving the prevention, (early) detection, treatment and care of cancer
- supporting the European Commission in preparing this mission for implementation.

We use different methods, namely: preparing meetings; do preparatory work on reports; developing the (draft) mission proposal by organizing focus groups with cancer patients and citizens in EU countries and by performing two quick scans to substantiate the mission recommendations and their implementation.

Various publications of the Mission Council:
- draft mission proposal (June 2020)
- mission proposal (September 2020)
- the full mission document (December 2020)

Background documents
- reports of focus group discussions
- reports of the quick scans:
1. an overview of cancer infrastructures in EU countries integrating cancer clinical care and research
2. a set of six case reports of patient-driven data infrastructures to support clinical care and research
European Commission
Project partners
The EUHealthSupport Consortium, consisting of several organisations throughout Europe