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An approach to monitor influenza vaccination uptake across Europe.

Kroneman, M., Paget, J., Meuwissen, L., Joseph, C., Kennedy, H. An approach to monitor influenza vaccination uptake across Europe. Eurosurveillance: 2008, 13(20)
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Currently, the monitoring of influenza vaccination uptake is mainly a national issue. As influenza infection easily crosses international borders, it is in the interest of all countries to have a high vaccine uptake in people who may be vulnerable when influenza spreads. A Europe-wide monitoring system can provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of uptake rates in countries and, once sufficient levels are achieved, can safeguard the continuation of the achieved levels.

This paper aims to address the following issues: a) How is influenza vaccination uptake monitored in Europe? b) What methods to monitor vaccination uptake are available and what are their limitations? c) What steps should be taken to implement a European-wide influenza vaccination uptake monitoring system?

Based on existing literature and experiences in monitoring influenza vaccination uptake, an approach to set up a European-wide monitoring system is proposed.

The following issues were identified as relevant for influenza vaccination uptake monitoring:
a) Agreement on the population groups in which vaccination uptake should be monitored
b) The frequency of data collection
c) The importance of sharing experiences regarding existing influenza vaccination campaigns in order to learn from each other, and develop ‘best practices’
d) The need to publish uptake data in close relation with influenza surveillance data and other European efforts on dissemination of vaccination knowledge.

To stimulate the discussion on implementing a pan-European influenza uptake monitoring scheme the following recommendations were suggested:
a) Develop a common set of variables
b) Build on experience from individual countries
c) Create a coordinating body
d) Create or identify a platform to publish the data; e) Start small and expand rapidly.