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Collaborating on early detection of frailty: a multifaceted challenge.

Buist, Y., Rijken, M., Lemmens, L., Baan, C., Bruin, S. de. Collaborating on early detection of frailty: a multifaceted challenge. International Journal of Integrated Care: 2019, 19(2), p. 1-10.
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In several countries, initiatives to detect frailty among older citizens at an early stage are being implemented to enable proactive intervention and, consequently, to support independent living for as long as possible. Alignment and collaboration between the various actors are crucial. We aimed to provide insight in factors that impede or facilitate collaboration at a local level as perceived by the different actors and we explore their experiences.

Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 37 representatives of three groups active in proactive elderly care in the Netherlands:
(i) commissioners,
(ii) service providers,
(iii) other stakeholders (e.g. public health advisors, academics).

The Framework Method was used to analyse data.

Interviewees perceived many factors hampering or facilitating collaboration. Overall, the factors mentioned were quite similar for the different groups. Facilitators and barriers were related to culture and professionals (e.g. knowledge of early detection approaches, mutual trust), organizations (e.g. shared vision or patient information system) and context (e.g. financing).

Discussion and conclusion
Collaborating on early detection appears to be a multifaceted challenge. However, as different stakeholders hold similar views, there seem to be several starting-points to improve collaboration. First steps shall include getting to know each other and developing a shared vision on early detection.