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A conceptual framework and overview of medium and long term challenges and policy priorities.

Hansen, J., Nolte, E. A conceptual framework and overview of medium and long term challenges and policy priorities. European Journal of Public Health: 2018, 28(supl. 4), p. 209. Abstracts: 11 th European Public Health conference: Winds of change: towards new ways of improving public health in Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia 28 November –1 December 2018.
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In this supplement the aim of the TO-REACH, a project towards joint European research programme on health services and systems, is decribed.


An important aim of TO-REACH is to identify current and future health services and systems priorities by synthesising (inter)national roadmaps, research and stakeholder views. This will provide input to a Strategic Research Agenda, based on a combination of two strands.
The first is an analysis of knowledge gaps in the area of transferability and up-scaling of health policy and service innovations, the absorptive capacity in health systems that want to take over innovations and the consequences for health system performance. The second strand is an inventory of policy priorities that stakeholders in countries and at European level see as key policy and service areas for innovation and cross-border learning.

The analysis of knowledge gaps is done through desk research in the form of a conceptual review of the literature and case studies. The inventory of policy priorities is done by analysing existing national and international policy documents and roadmaps, by meetings with stakeholder in a number of countries and by an online consultation.

Results of both strands will be presented at the workshop with a particular angle on how they can contribute to improving cross-border learning, both when it comes to identifying the key aspects that are important to understand when transfering health policy and service innovations, and the priority domains in policy and practice where such transfer is mostly needed.