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Continuous Morbidity Registration Dutch Sentinel General Practice Network 2012.

Donker, G.A. Continuous Morbidity Registration Dutch Sentinel General Practice Network 2012. NIVEL, 2014.
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Continuous Morbidity Registration (CMR) is an information system based on records kept by general practitioner GPs. A national network of general practices, covers with the patients registered in these practices about 0.7% of the Dutch population. The network structure takes account of the geographical distribution of the population and its distribution over areas with different degrees of urbanisation. The GPs participating in the sentinel network, weekly assess and deliver data with regard to certain illnesses, events and procedures in general practice.

Since 2009, the data on the topics are exclusively electronically registered and delivered. Most GP-information systems now contain an application, the so-called sentinel module, that facilitates the registration of these data. For participating practices, not having the integrated module at their disposal yet, a web application has been made available. Supplementary data gathered via questionnaires still are mostly registered by pencil and paper. This annual report is based on data assembled electronically, either via the sentinel module or via the web application.

Each year an update is made of the composition of populations of the sentinel practices by gender and age. Consequently it is known to what population the gathered data are related (the epidemiological denominator). Usually, data are presented as frequencies per 10,000 men or women. Each year the Counselling Committee selects the topics for which data will be registered. The Committee also considers requests and suggestions for new topics by other parties. If a decision is made for the inclusion of a new topic a supervisor working at Nivel or from outside who is responsible for the registration is assigned.