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EUPHA 10 years: the annual conference.

Zee, J. van der, Kroneman, M., Dorn, T. EUPHA 10 years: the annual conference. In: W. Kirch. Public Health in Europe: 10 years European Public Health Association. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 2004. 15-37
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The annual conference forms one of EUPHA's mains activities. It is one of the two 'pillars' of EUPHA, so to say. The second pillar is the European Journal of Public Health. The annual conference has in common with the Journal that the conferences already existed before EUPHA was officially founded. In 1989 NIVEL, the Netherlands Institute of Health Services Research, organised the first European Health Services Research meeting near Utrecht in the Netherlands in order to create an international platform for Health research. These Health Services Research conferences continued in 1990 (Cologne), 1991 (London) and 1992 (Paris) while the preparation for the foundation of EUPHA progressed. Even the 1993 conference (in Maastricht) was not yet a full EUPHA conference. The first genuine EUPHA conference was the conference in Copenhagen in 1994. So the Dresden conference is actually the ninth EUPHA conference and not the tenth.