How to achieve effective knowledge transfer from research to policy and practice.

Albreht, T., Hansen, J., Palm, W., Muscat, N.A. How to achieve effective knowledge transfer from research to policy and practice.: , 2011. 46 p. Abstract. In: Abstract Book. EHMA Annual Conference 2011: 'Integration in Health and Healthcare', Porto, 22-24 juni 2011.
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Context: European health care decision makers are faced with an increasingly complex environment, which calls for better identification and application of scientific evidence. Often proposed solutions to enhance this underpinning of policy decisions are to improve communication channels between the research community and decision makers and to improve the types of contributions that the research community makes. Methods: A special workshop, co-hosted by [EHMA,] EUPHA and HSR-Europe, addresses both issues by providing training on how to use communication tools (e.g. policy briefs) for health care research, in order to ensure better use of its outcomes. Target audiences of the session are both researchers and decision makers, as the latter are the judges to decide which type of wrapping of research evidence is effective. The session builds on the following elements: Results: 1) A brief introductory presentation will show what is currently known from a mapping of the literature on the conference’s main topic, integration of care, and which of this is currently being used in policy. 2) To describe a number of effective mechanisms for linkage and exchange as well as share experiences and advice on how to use these in order to convey research findings to policy. 3) Next, workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss in round table subgroups on what each group considers key messages on integration of care and then formulate a communication strategy to convey this, e.g. by means of the outline for a policy brief. One reporter per subgroup will then share outcomes of that group. 4) Invited experts from various backgrounds will provide feedback, followed by a general discussion. Discussion: Outcome of the session will be both an overview of key lessons, generated by the audience, on integration of care, as well as a practical training in conducting and communicating health care research in such a way that decision makers can understand it, appraise and apply it.