How doctor involvement in management affects innovation.

Wijngaarden, J.D.H. van, Botje, D., Ilinca, S., Waa, N., Veloso Mendes, R., Plochg, T. How doctor involvement in management affects innovation. International Journal of Healthcare Management: 2012, 5(4), p. 203-207.
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Much is expected from the (re) involvement of doctors in health care management to boost innovation. As clinicians may better understand how health services are organized and function, they may be in a better position to identify innovations. However, a key question is: Whose innovation agenda (i.e. what type of innovations) will be the outcome of clinical leadership? This paper explores this question by looking at examples in three European countries of doctor-led innovations. It shows that innovations are not neutral, but shaped by the agenda of its participants. Although doctors have their own interests and perceptions, these seem to change through their involvement in the management of processes and organizations, becoming broader and overlapping managerial agenda's.