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Management of overweight and obesity in primary healthcare.

Verberne, L. Management of overweight and obesity in primary healthcare. Tilburg, Netherlands: Tilburg University, 2019. 142 p. DissertationTilburg University
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The aim of this thesis was to study the health status, and the management of overweight and obese patients in general practices and dietetic practices in the Netherlands.

Main conclusions
The main conclusions from this thesis are that weight recording in electronic health records of Dutch general practices occurs less frequently than recommended by clinical guidelines, and that participation in a lifestyle intervention or dietetic treatment coincided with only modest weight loss results in overweight and obese patients.

In the Netherlands, and many other European countries, clinical guidelines exist for the treatment of overweight patients in primary healthcare. General practitioners (GPs) and practice nurses play a key role in the identification and monitoring of overweight individuals, as most persons visit their GP about four to five times a year. Weight management tasks of GPs and practice nurses consist of regular weight measurements, advisement on nutrition and physical activity, and may include referral to a lifestyle intervention, or a dietitian. The primary aim of dietetic treatment is to achieve and maintain weight loss by assessing patients’ diet and nutritional status and giving practical advice to improve dietary behaviour.