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People with ID as interviewers and co-researchers: experiences and reflection.

Lieshout, H. van. People with ID as interviewers and co-researchers: experiences and reflection. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research: 2012, 56(7-8), p. 722. Abstract. 14th World Congress of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Disabilities (IASSID), 9-14 juli 2012, Halifax.
Aim: To share the experience of working with people with intellectual disabilities (ID) as interviewers in a qualitative study about community participation of people with ID. We reflect on two perspectives: the interviewers and the researchers. Method: Eighteen people with ID were interviewed by their peers about participation. All interviews were transcribed verbatim and results and experiences were discussed in a focus group with the interviewers and workers of a self-advocacy group. Results: Using trained peer interviewers can help people with ID in sharing meaningful experiences and can improve the quality of research. The interviewers provided a safe environment and were likely to understand or to be understood by the respondents, as they share common experiences. In addition, first results show that the interviewers have personally benefitted from participation in research in terms of increased self-confidence, improved communication skills and expanded friendships. Interviewers with ID are able to perform well under the right conditions (e.g. opportunities to practice, clear information, and an adequate and flexible approach). Conclusions: Actively involving people with ID in research, armed with good training, adds value to the richness and relevance of research findings. It also increases the visibility and empowerment of persons with ID.