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Work adjustments among the chronically ill.

Baanders, A.N., Andries, F., Rijken, P.M., Dekker, J. Work adjustments among the chronically ill. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research: 2001, 24, p. 7-14.
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Work(place) adjustments can help the work capacity of persons with a chronic disease.

This study aims to to quantify the presence of work adjustments among chronically ill workers in the Netherlands, and to investigate the extent to which the presence of work adjustments are related to the experience of work-interfering problems, disease characteristics or work characteristics.

Data for this study are derived from the Dutch Panel of Patients with Chronic Diseases.

The results discussed here relate to data collected in 1999 from a representative sample of 566 working people with various chronic somatic diseases. Of the working-interfering problems, the ones related to physical disabilities, concentration or memory deficits and transportation emerged as the most important factors related to the presence of either immaterial (i.e. not material) or material work adjustments.
In addition, high age and lower educational level were associated with a higher probability of immaterials adjustments; pain, attack frequency and physical demands of the job were important predictors of material work adjustments.