januari 2019

PanCare FollowUp: implementation of sustainable integrated care for pediatric cancer survivors

Duration jan 2019 - ongoing

The five year survival for children with cancer increased from 30% in the 1970s to more than 80% at present. There are up to 300,000 childhood cancer survivors in Europe and this number is increasing. Years after treatment, childhood cancer survivors are at high risk for developing health and psychosocial late effects, resulting in excess morbidity and mortality compared the general population. The impact on the quality of life (QoL) of survivors and their families, as well as the societal and economic burdens, are significant. However, these impacts can be reduced by long-term survivorship care to detect treatable disease at an early phase and start timely interventions to preserve health, improve QoL, as well as coordinate specialised care and empower survivors.

Ensuring that the PanCare FollwUp interventions are used in the real world is paramount to achieving enduring improvements to survivorship care. Hence, the project includes the development of materials to support sustainable maintenance and replication of the PanCareFollowUp interventions.Implementing follow-up care, especially for young adult and adult survivors of childhood cancer, has proven challenging across Europe. These survivors have left paediatric care and most of them have no opportunity to visit experts in survivorship care. To improve survivorship care for these survivors across Europe,

PanCareFollowUp will conduct a prospective cohort study to assess effectiveness, value, cost effectiveness and feasibility of the PanCare FollowUp Care intervention, a person-centred approach to survivor follow-up care based on international clinical guidelines for surveillance of late effects. PanCare FollowUp also includes the development and assessment of a personalised, guideline-based eHealth lifestyle intervention.

The PanCare Network will become the guardian of the interventions after the project, ensuring that the intervention materials are openly available, sustainably maintained and widely shared.

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