TO-REACH: towards a joint European research programme on health services and systems

Duration: jan 2017 - nov 2020

Government and funding organizations in a number of EU member states and other countries have expressed an ambition to learn more systematically from the organization of care in other settings, with support from research organizations and others. Systematic learning from other countries on how health services can be organized and delivered is a key element in the widely shared ambition to identify and implement successful strategies to improve care, both for individuals and populations, not least vulnerable citizens and patient groups.

The purpose of TO-REACH is to prepare a joint preparatory European research program aimed at producing supporting research evidence healthcare services and systems become more resilient, effective and equitable, accessible, sustainable and comprehensive (in Europe and beyond).

To achieve this central goal, TO-REACH has two main work streams.
1. Conceptual and methodological preparation of an international research program on cross-border learning of good care models and the conditions needed to transfer and implement them from one setting to another.
2. Strengthen sustainable collaboration between funding agencies and strengthen their link with other existing or emerging networks of funders to enable such a joint international research program.


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The TO-REACH Consortium consists of 28 partners from 20 countries, amomg which the EU Member States, Norway, Canada, Israel and the United States (see