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Consumer's preferences in social health insurance.

Kerssens, J.J., Groenewegen, P.P. Consumer's preferences in social health insurance. European Journal of Health Economics: 2005, 6(1), p. 8-15.
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Allowing consumers greater choice of health plans is believed to be the key to high quality and low costs in social health insurance.

This study investigates consumer preferences (361 persons, response rate 43%) for hypothetical health plans with differed in 12 characteristics (premium, deductibles, no-claim discount, extension of insurance and financial services, red tape involved, medical help-desk, choice of family physicians and hospitals, dental benefits, physical therapy benefits, benefits for prescription drugs and homeopathy).

In 90% the health plan with the most attractive characteristics was preferred, indicating a predominantly rational kind of choice. The most decisive characteristics for preference were: complete dental benefits, followed by zero deductibles, and free choice of hospitals. (aut.ref.)