Development of an instrument to assess professional behaviour of foreign medical graduates.

Tromp, F., Rademakers, J.J.D.J.M., Cate, Th.J. ten. Development of an instrument to assess professional behaviour of foreign medical graduates.: , 2007. 150-155 p.
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BACKGROUND: Foreign medical graduates have to overcome challenges such as language proficiency and cultural differences. Several studies indicate that foreign medical graduates show deficiencies in professional behaviour. For the assessment of foreign medical graduates' professional behaviour, a more specific and sensitive instrument was needed. The aim of this study was to develop such an instrument. The starting point was the Amsterdam Attitudes and Communications Scale (AACS). Two research questions were addressed: (a) What adaptations of the AACS are needed in order to assess foreign medical graduates' professional behaviour adequately? (b) Is the developed instrument reliable, valid and feasible? METHODS: Our study consisted of 4 phases: (1) a brief literature search; (2) consulting a panel of experts; (3) establishing the content-validity of the instrument; and (4) establishing the feasibility of the instrument as an assessment tool. RESULTS: From the literature and experts in the field we learned that deficiencies in professional behaviour of foreign medical graduates concern mainly language skills and culture related issues. In the instrument we developed special attention was given to these deficiencies. Sub-items were added to every dimension. These sub-items are behavioural descriptions of the respective dimension and serve as a basis for feedback. CONCLUSIONS: The sub-items should enhance constructive feedback, not only focussing on inappropriate behaviour but also by emphasizing adequate behaviours. The validity and reliability of the instrument has to be investigated further and confirmed along the way. (aut. ref.)