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Diversity of primary care systems analysed.

Kringos, D., Boerma, W., Bourgueil, Y., Cartier, T., Dedeu, T., Hasvold, T., Hutchinson, A., Lember, M., Oleszczyk, M., Pavlick, D.R. Diversity of primary care systems analysed. In: Kringos, D.S., Boerma, W.G.W., Hutchinson, A., Saltman, R.B. Building primary care in a changing Europe. Kopenhagen: World Health Organization, 2015. 103-118
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This chapter analyses differences between countries and explains why countries differ regarding the structure and process of primary care. The components of primary care strength that are used in the analyses are health policy-making, workforce development and in the care process itself (see Fig. 1.1 in chapter 1). The explanations will be sought in the efficiency of primary care; societal, political and economic determinants; and the contribution of strong primary care to health system performance in general. (aut. ref.)