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The Dutch health insurance reform.

Groenewegen, P., Zee, J. van der. The Dutch health insurance reform. European Journal of Public Health: 2006, 16(Suppl. 1) 34. Abstract. 14 th Eupha conference "Politics, Policies and /or the Public's Health", Montreux, 16-18 November 2006.
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On 1 January 2006 a number of far-reaching changes in Dutch health insurance came into effect. A standard package was introduced, compulsory for everyone. Price competition between insurers and health care providers, as well as freedom of choice for consumers were introduced or extended. The aim of these changes was primarily to improve efficiency in the health care system. In several other countries similar changes have been made or are to be made. Therefore, the question of whether the system works as intended has international relevance for both research and policy. The new system in The Netherlands resembles the Swiss system in some aspects. In Germany the Dutch reform is observed in the light of their own discussion on the health insurance system (introduction of a ‘Bürgerversicherung’). The focus of this workshop is on consumers and insurers. The workshop contains four presentations; in addition, a Swiss and a German colleague will give their reactions. First, the health insurance reform will be described in general. Second, consumer mobility between insurance organizations, an important aspect of the new system, will be presented. Third, a presentation will be given on perceived differences between insurance organizations and related to what is valued by consumers with respect to health care and health insurance. Finally, loyalty to and trust in the insurance organization and how this might affect consumer mobility will be described. (aut. ref.)