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The importance of patient-centered care for various patient groups.

Boer, D. de, Delnoij, D., Rademakers, J. The importance of patient-centered care for various patient groups. Patient Education and Counseling: 2013, 90(3), p. 405-410.
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Objectives: To assess differences in the importance ascribed to patient-centered care between various patient groups and demographic groups. Methods: Survey data collected using questionnaires were analyzed for patients that underwent hip or knee surgery (n=214), patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (n=343), spinal disk herniation (n=145), breast abnormalities (n=596) or congestive heart failure (n=118). A composite for patient-centered care priorities was constructed (α=0.82) and compared to the average importance over all healthcare aspects in the surveys. Results: All patient groups considered patient-centered care to be of above-average importance (p's<0.001). Small but significant differences were observed: patient-centered care was more important for patients suffering from congestive heart failure (p<0.001) and patients who were younger, female, well-educated and healthier (p's<0.05). Patients who had undergone hip or knee surgery considered patient-centered care more important than patients with spinal disk herniation did (p<0.05). Conclusion: Patient-centered care is important to all patient groups. Differential policies regarding patient-centered care for patient subgroups do not seem required. Practical implications: Given the importance attributed to patient-centered care, it is essential that elements of patient-centered care are included in surveys, indicators of quality of care, and the training of doctors and nurses.(aut. ref.)