Importance of patient centred care for various patient groups.

Rademakers, J.J.D.J.M., Delnoij, D.M.J., Boer, D. de. Importance of patient centred care for various patient groups. European Journal of Public Health: 2010, 20(suppl. 1), p. 15. Abstract. 3rd European Public Health Conference 'Integrated Public Health', 10-13 November 2010, Amsterdam.
Background: Though patient centred care is a somewhat ‘fuzzy’ concept, in general it is considered as something to strive for. However, preliminary evidence suggests that the importance of elements of patient-centred care (PCC), such as communication, information and shared decision making, may vary for different patient groups. Methods: Secondary analyses were undertaken on survey data regarding priorities in health care for the following patient groups: patients that underwent hip or knee surgery (n = 214; response = 78.6%), patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (n = 343; response = 59.6%), spinal disc herniation (n = 145; response = 59.6%), breast abnormalities (malignant and benign; n = 596; response = 50.4%). The following items of PCC formed a composite: being able to ask questions, receiving understandable information, being listened to, being taken seriously and shared decision making (alpha 0.82). The items had four answering categories from ‘not really important’ (1) to ‘of the utmost importance’ (4). Results: Analysis of variance on the mean scores showed a significant effect of patient group (P = 0.02). The average importance scores per patient group for PCC were high and varied from 3.36 to 3.59. Bonferroni comparisons indicated that patients with breast abnormalities rated PCC as more important than patients that underwent a hip- or knee surgery (P < 0.01) or patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (P < 0.01). Compared with patients suffering from a spinal disc herniation, only the patients with a benign breast abnormality rated PCC as more important (P = 0.03). Conclusions: The present data suggest PCC is important for all patient groups. For patients suffering from breast abnormalities PCC is more important than to other patient groups. Differences are small however, and do not seem to support differential policies regarding PCC for each patient group.