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Boerma, W., Kringos, D. Introduction. In: Kringos, D.S., Boerma, W.G.W., Hutchinson, A., Saltman, R.B. Building primary care in a changing Europe. Kopenhagen: World Health Organization, 2015. 27-40
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Primary care in Europe is facing high expectations. It is expected that primary care can help health systems become more responsive to changing health needs; offer more integrated care delivery; and increase the efficiency of the system overall. Decision-makers are searching for models to redesign primary care systems in line with these promises. At present, however, international comparative information on the structure, process and outcomes of primary care in Europe is limited. This book seeks to meet the need for information by mapping primary care in 31 European countries using a monitoring instrument developed in the PHAMEU project. In addition to describing essential features of primary care, this volume aims to contribute to answering the question of the added value of strong primary care for the performance of health care systems. (aut. ref.)