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Literature review on Major Trauma Centre (MTC).

Langelaan, M., Bos, N., Heeren, J.F., Groot, J. de. Literature review on Major Trauma Centre (MTC). In: Farfan-Portet, M.I., Dubois, C., Mistiaen, P., Cordon, a., Stordeur, S., Heede, K. van den (Eds) KCE Report 281:Towards an inclusive system for major trauma. Health Services Research (HSR) Brussels: Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE), 2017
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The most recent systematic reviews on the association of the availability of a system of trauma care with short‐term patient outcomes included articles up to 2011.106, 221 New evidence is available on the topic as the developing of the organisation of trauma care continues.

The aim of this study was to review the recent (from 2012 onwards) level of scientific evidence regarding whether improvement of mortality and length of hospital stay following a major trauma are associated with the existence of major trauma centres and to the characteristics of major trauma centres

Research question
The main research question was: what is the level of evidence available on the effect of a major trauma centre (MTC) on mortality (up to 30 days after discharge), length of hospital stay and length of stay at an intensive care unit (ICU)?

We conducted a systematic review, following, as far as possible the PRISMA‐statement (Preferred reporting items for systematic review and meta‐analysis) and MOOSE (Meta-analysis Of Observational Studies in Epidemiology) guidelines

- Based on moderate or limited evidence the benefits of trauma care seems to be greatest for the most severely injured patients presented to a higher level trauma centre.
- Establishing comprehensive National Trauma Registries can provide more solid answers the research questions.
- Further research is needed to evaluate the effect of the organisation of trauma care on short term patient outcomes like mortality and length of stay. At this moment there is a lack of information and present studies lack quality.