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Perspectives on the risks for older adults living independently.

Verver, D., Merten, H., Robben, P., Wagner, C. Perspectives on the risks for older adults living independently. British Journal of Community Nursing: 2017, 22(7), p. 338-345.
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Insight into risks concerning older adults living independently from their own perspective and their care provider's perspective is essential to address issues that may threaten their independent living.

The most often mentioned perceived risks by older adults and their care providers in different regions in the Netherlands were: loneliness, falls, budget cuts in Dutch long-term care and not being able to call for help.

The different perspectives of the respondents show a wide variety in risks, but also some similarities.
The perspective of the frail older adults is required to gain insight into the priority of their perceived risks. An additional finding was the reluctance shown by the older adults to ask others in their social network for help.

Results imply that possible preventive measures should not only focus on the medical or physical domain because older adults are likely to have other priorities to maintain self-reliance and live independently.(aut. ref.)