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Psychosociale zorg direct na een ramp.

Velden, P. van der, Loon, P. van, IJzermans, J., Kleber, R. Psychosociale zorg direct na een ramp. Psycholoog: 2006, 41(12), p. 658-663.
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Immediately after a disaster the question arises which care should be provided to the affected residents to minimize the adverse effects on psychosocial well-being and health. In this article we discuss the results of empirical research about the self-coping efficacy of victims, the needs of victims for professional psychosocial care and mental health services especially, and the possibilities for early screening of victims who are or are not at risk for post-disaster severe psychological problems. These topics, in addition to the needs of victims, play an important role in the provision of care. We focus on the first days and weeks after the disaster and adult victims. Furthermore, we discuss trends within the Dutch society advocating immediate professional psychological care for all victims of a traumatic event. (aut.ref.)