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Quality of pharmaceutical care at the pharmacy counter: patients’ experiences versus video observation.

Koster, E.S., Blom, L., Overbeeke, M.R., Philbert, D., Vervloet, M., Koopman, L., Dijk, L. van. Quality of pharmaceutical care at the pharmacy counter: patients’ experiences versus video observation. Patient Preference and Adherence: 2016, 10, p. 363-369.
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Consumer Quality Index questionnaires are used to assess quality of care from patients’ experiences.

To provide insight into the agreement about quality of pharmaceutical care, measured both by a patient questionnaire and video observations.

Pharmaceutical encounters in four pharmacies were video-recorded. Patients completed a questionnaire based upon the Consumer Quality Index Pharmaceutical Care after the encounter containing questions about patients’ experiences regarding information provision, medication counseling, and pharmacy staff’s communication style. An observation protocol was used to code the recorded encounters. Agreement between video observation and patients’ experiences was calculated.

In total, 109 encounters were included for analysis. For the domains “medication counseling” and “communication style”, agreement between patients’ experiences and observations was very high (>90%). Less agreement (45%) was found for “information provision”, which was rated more positive by patients compared to the observations, especially for the topic, encouragement of patients’ questioning behavior.

A questionnaire is useful to assess the quality of medication counseling and pharmacy staff’s communication style, but might be less suitable to evaluate information provision and pharmacy staff’s encouragement of patients’ questioning behavior. Although patients may believe that they have received all necessary information to use their new medicine, some information on specific instructions was not addressed during the encounter. When using questionnaires to get insight into information provision, observations of encounters are very informative to validate the patient questionnaires and make necessary adjustments. (aut. ref.)