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On the relativity of the mental health consequences of disasters.

Dückers, M.L.A. On the relativity of the mental health consequences of disasters. Diemen: Arq, 2019. 269 p. Dissertatie Universiteit van Innsbruck.
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The focus of this book is on the causes and consequences of people’s resilience and vulnerability from a disaster mental health point of view. The book will answer a series of research questions, grouped in two clusters. In both clusters resilience and vulnerability are examined in relation to their causes (exposure and culture) and consequences (health and psychosocial services).

The first cluster explores crossnational patterns in disaster vulnerability:
1.1 How are exposure and cultural characteristics related to vulnerability?
1.2 How is vulnerability linked to mental health?
1.3 How does vulnerability relate to the capacity to provide psychosocial services to affected people?

The second cluster is more normative and linked to the type of services that should be provided to adequately address the mental health impact of exposure:
2.1 Is there consensus on psychosocial service norms and are these norms applied in practice?
2.2 What type of activities are relevant for psychosocial service providers from a quality improvement perspective?
2.3 How can psychosocial service norms guide crisis management?