juni 2022

Design and implementation of infectious disease surveillance systems using routinely collected electronic health records in Europe

Duration: Jun 2022 - Jun 2026


The aim of this project is to support ECDC and EU/EEA countries in piloting, implementing, evaluating infectious disease surveillance systems based on automatic extraction, cleaning, validation, analysis, reporting and sharing of health data stored electronically in EU/EEA countries' health information systems and other similar sources.


During the project, we will focus on surveillance systems for three different diseases:

  1. Severe acute respiratory infections (SARI)
  2. Bloodstream infections (BSI)
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases (STI)


The project’s results will include, for each surveillance system:
•    Generic protocols
•    Country specific protocols
•    Country specific surveillance reports
•    Contribution to the harmonisation of infectious disease surveillance across EU
•    Support in the evaluation of surveillance systems at member states and at EU levels

Dit project wordt gesubsidieerd door
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
Epiconcept (France); Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge (INSA) (Portugal); Statens Serum Institut (SSI) (Denmark)