Care for patients with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Boheemen, C. van, Geffen, K. van, Philbert, D., Bos, M., Dis, I. van, Strijbis, A., Bouvy, M., Dijk, L. van. Care for patients with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. European Journal of Public Health: 2010, 20(suppl. 1), p. 212. Abstract. 3rd European Public Health Conference 'Integrated Public Health', 10 - 13 November 2010, Amsterdam.

In 2009, a national standard of care for vascular risk management (VRM) was developed. This standard, which was sent to all general practitioners (GPs), contains requirements for optimal care. One requirement is the formulation of a written individual-care plan which contains an extended description of the patient’s cardiovascular risk factors and a plan to reduce the risk. The aim of our study is to describe to what extent current care meets the requirement posed in the care standard.

In total 600 (out of 1500) patients who received lipid lowering drugs and/or antihypertensive drugs filled out a written questionnaire in the spring of 2010. Patients were selected from 15 pharmacies across the country.

Preliminary results show that, shortly after the introduction of the standard, only 6% of the patients had a written individual care plan. Patients regularly receive advices from their care givers about change of life style. Nevertheless, most patients are not satisfied with the results, probably because they do not receive enough support in changing their life style. The GP is by far the health professional who offers the most care.

The requirements in the care standard for VRM are not yet met in current practice; care is not yet as structured as proposed in the standard of care. Efforts should be made to further implement this standard. This project is funded by the Netherlands Heart Foundation.