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Contacts of general practitioners with illegal immigrants.

Reijneveld, S., Verheij, R., Herten, L. van, Bakker, D. de. Contacts of general practitioners with illegal immigrants. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health: 2001, 29, 308-313
Aims: Violence and economic hardship cause many people to industrialized countries, often without obtaining an residence permit. The aim of this study is to gain insight into the factors that determine the occurrence of contacts in primary health care with such illegal immigrants. Methods: Data were analysed on contacts with illegal immigrants from a national survey among Dutch general practitioners (GPs) (n=1,148; response: 62%). Results: GPs reported that they have on average 0.74 patient contact with an illegal immigrant per week (95% CI: 0.56-0.92). This probably includes some overreporting. Contacts are more likely in practices and communities that comprise more non-Dutch-born people and more (patients with) typically urban health problemes. Working experience and demography of the GP are not independently associated with the occurrence of contacts. Conclusions: contacts of Dutch GPs with illegal immigrants mostly occur in the deprived areas of the big cities. (aut. ref.)