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Information for parents about their child's medication: does it meet their needs?

Siu, V., Dijk, L. van, Vervloet, M. Information for parents about their child's medication: does it meet their needs? International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy: 2023, 45, p. 272. Abstract of the 26th Annual Meeting of ESPACOMP, the International Society for Medication Adherence, Berlin, Germany, 17–19 November 2022
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Accessible and understandable information about medication is crucial for good medication use and adherence. Not much is known about how parents value medication information they obtain about their child’s medication.

Our aim was to explore to what extent this information meets the needs of parents of children who use chronic medication.

A mixed method study using video observations of encounters between pharmacy technicians (PTs) and parents collecting their child’s medication, semi-structured interviews with parents and an online questionnaire for parents.

Observation of 14 video-taped encounters revealed that PTs provide information but do not often assess parents’ needs or possible concerns about the medication. Results from eight interviews and the
questionnaire completed by 65 parents showed that parents often receive information from their physician or pharmacist, which they complement with information found in the package leaflet and on the internet. The used information sources are valued by parents in terms of findability, understandability and completeness, and thus these sources approached their ideal information sources. Parents did suggest to add information specifically aimed at the children themselves.

Our small number of respondents limits generalizability, and selection bias might have occurred. However, the obtained results provide a good first insight.

Parents are positive about the available information for their child’s medication (use). Providing information directly to the children, so that they themselves can also learn more about their medication, might benefit their adherence.